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The Legacy Of The Vicar Of Albion

An ordinary soldier lies bleeding in pieces on a London street. A death so shocking that I can't take it in. And over it all like the ghost at the banquet hovers the spectre of the Vicar Of Albion

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The Despair Of Progress

The air has of late been full of the last world war - full of broadcasts about the Dambusters, whose raid on the dams of Germany happened seventy years ago this week. And around here, full of the aeroplane that was used - the sole flying Lancaster bomber has been doing duty on several displays, its large black cross appearing in the sky a few hundred feet above Woodhall and Coningsby.

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Plane wrong

You see, I don’t think he was right, that Tim Harford. But as he’s a journalist for the FT and BBC, I’d better set my case out.

In a talk about great leaps of genius versus smaller incremental tippy-toe steps, he mentioned the Spitfire as one example of mould-breaking innovation. What would have become of us, ran the subtext, if it hadn’t been for the inventor of the chariots of Spitfire? Thank goodness they had the cleverness and daring to come up with something out of the blue that could fly straight back into the blue and fight the Hun.

Well, no

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An Act Of Faith Too Far

This week the Church of England decided to maintain discrimination against women, when it decided to preserve the age-old divide between the sexes. The General Synod voted against the idea of allowing women priests to be promoted to the role of bishop. Consequently, they are allowed to serve as foot soldier priests, but not as senior managers.

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On Lost Leaders

Leadership is a perennially interesting subject. I’ve worked under leaders who were captivating, interesting, engaging, who knew what they were doing and who I was quite happy to follow. I’ve also worked under the usual British sort.

Two of them have recently been of interest – one who rose from complete obscurity and sank back down there in less time than the life of a Virgin Rail open return. The other has a long record of previous to take into consideration. Both are naturally paid a king’s ransom for their troubles.

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